Meditations from John 15: The Vinedresser

Previously, we meditated on how Jesus is the true vine, which means there are vine substitutes in this world. Now He continues on and speaks of how God is the vinedresser. That’s not a word we use much in this area and day, but it refers to Him being the caregiver or caretaker of your life. He farms and tends to the soil of your heart so it offers deep root and abundant fruit. 

Meditations from John 15: I am the true vine

We have the Exodus study going now (along with a hack-free blog!) and I mentioned starting some meditations on John 15. These are meant to be meaningful snippets to bring refreshment throughout the week. There is a short verse, then a bit of application. At the end there is a moment to praise Him, confess to Him, and petition Him. Make this portion your own – and from your own heart. I’ve provided words from my own soul to simply guide you.