Meditations from John 15: The Vinedresser

 “…and My Father is the vinedresser…” (John 15:1)

Previously, we meditated on how Jesus is the true vine, which means there are vine substitutes in this world. Now He continues on and speaks of how God is the vinedresser. That’s not a word we use much in this area and day, but it refers to Him being the caregiver or caretaker of our life. He farms and tends to the soil of your heart so it offers deep root and abundant fruit.

I love when I see a vine growing on a trellis or crawling up an old brick building. It’s untamed, yet intentional all in the same view. Think about what your life would look like without the Vinedresser forming you to the design of Him. Your nourishment and abidance is in Jesus; and then God exclusively shapes you through the circumstances you encounter, the trials you experience, and even those seemingly plain and ordinary tasks and appointments sprinkled throughout your day. You were not meant to be wild and unyielding, but for every shoot, stem, and branch of your life to flex in the hand of the Gardener.


God, we praise You because You are the true vine. This world offers us so many fakes which claim to bring us rest and satisfaction. We thank you for the Vinedresser, who so delicately lifts up our weary leaves, shakes off the dirt that weighs us down, clips the unnecessary growth that steals Your precious glory, and shapes us into the beauty of Christ Jesus.  


Almighty God, we confess that we often relate Your act of pruning to huge, sharp shears that leave us bloodied and bruised. In reality, You are an ever-present, tender hand that forms us into a branch of grace. Help us to consider it pure joy when we encounter trails because we know You love us enough to not let us grow wild.


Holy Father, we ask for understanding and a deep knowledge of Your nature. Renovate our minds through Your Word and counsel our thoughts by Your Holy Spirit. Teach us to be flexible and willing branches in the Gardener’s hands. Amen.