Meditations from John 15: The True Vine

Since January, we’ve worked our way through the Gospel of John (here’s a link to all the posts if you need to play a little catch-up). It’s critical as a believer to study the life of Christ. We must read His inerrant words, understand His actions, and continuously re-align our heart to His.

We’re now to John 15, and it’s one of my most treasured chapters in the Bible because each time I chew on these verses, it provides both comfort and depth. Last week, I shared a few tools to help you study your Bible. I told you that we’d keep practicing, and we are going to do so. In fact, over the next several weeks, we’re going to practice meditating on God’s Word. Psalm 119:97 (ESV) says:

Oh how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day.

These meditations will consist of a short verse, then a bit of application. At the end there is a moment to praise Him, confess to Him, and petition Him. Make this portion your own – and from your own heart. I’ve provided words from my own soul to simply guide you. Learning to meditate on God’s Word is a powerful and effective way to train for this spiritual race you’re on. Let’s ask God to speak to us as we prepare to read His life-giving words:

“I am the true vine…” (John 15:1a, ESV)

Christ tells us in John 15 that the better life is Him. He’s the Vine – and we’re going to spend time understanding what that means and petitioning God for His divine reality regarding His seventh (and final) “I AM” statement before His crucifixion.

Jesus states that He is the true vine, which means there are substitutes in this world. This is a point of reflection and should give us pause. Friends, we all have imitations of Christ in our life we allow. Sometimes they don’t look wrong in appearance, but they aren’t right for us and our relationship with Christ. Ask God to reveal what’s not right for you and strip out those vain substitutions.


 Jesus, we praise You because You are the true vine. This world offers us so many fakes which claim to bring us rest and satisfaction, yet we are still empty. You are the Only. Thank you for going to the cross so I could receive Your precious grace.


 Lord, I confess that I’ve mixed imitations into the purity of who You are. I’ve tasted and tried many concoctions in order to patch my heart holes – yet I still lack. Forgive me for trying to substitute You, and give me who You are: whole and true.


 Your Word says in Psalm 34:8 to taste and see that the Lord is good. Father, I want a divine taste of You. I bow down and rest my busy heart. I worship and wait for the divine Word to enter my heart in this very moment. Overshadow me with Your holy love and give me the perfect calm and rest knowing that You can do all. Amen.