A Watered-Down Word

A Watered-Down Word

Many “pastors” and “people at the pulpit” want to skirt or downplay hell. Friends, God’s Word is true. If hell were not real or eternal, the work of Christ would be unnecessary. Let’s study Hebrews 9 this week and then choose our road wisely in a world that loves a watered-down gospel.

Exodus 26: Diverse, Yet Unified

The Tabernacle was to be a single unit. It had diverse structures and parts, but cohesively came together into one. Division and hatred have been in the current events spotlight recently, and I'm not going to recount those headlines or draw attention to them. Regardless of what is happening in these final days, as believers, we know where to fix, fasten, and focus our eyes: the unified Trinity

Exodus 25: Be a Light, Not a Basket Case

God doesn’t want us to “basket-ize” our life. He wants us to let His light shine freely to those around us. Maybe it’s the basket of busyness, or the career basket, or the baby basket. Regardless, it doesn’t need to be covering up His light. Get your oil from the Holy Spirit, through communing at the table with Christ, and praise Him who sits on the throne of mercy and grace!