Exodus 14a: Be Still

These Bible studies aren’t just for everyone else – they are for me, too. This week, I am going to cover the first half of Exodus 14. It’s really not a long chapter to begin with, but as I was writing, there was one section where I just sensed the Lord wanted us to camp. I know it is an area I need to focus on because it deals with fear, staying strong in the battle, and looking to the Lord. This week, we’ll park for a bit while we learn and apply what the Lord desires to teach.

Exodus 10: Hardened Heart or Deep Humility?

"God measures our love for Him by the love we show our brothers and sisters in every day fellowship with them. It is a serious thing to realize that our love for God just isn’t genuine if it fails the test of daily life with our fellow human beings. The same thing is true with humility. It is easy to think we humble ourselves before God. But humility before people is the only real proof that our humility before God is more than just a figment of our imagination. It is the only true evidence that humility has made a home in our hearts and become our nature." - Andrew Murray