Exodus 16: A Pot of Meat, Oh How Divine?!

The Israelites have been out of Egypt for a month and a half, roughly. Last week, we listened in as they murmured and complained to Moses about the lack of water, and then no sooner read how the Lord turned bitter water into sweet and led them to twelve wells and 70 palm trees. He is a God of more than enough. Now we pick up in the following chapter where the Israelites are back on the road again. I think you’ll find out their attitude hasn’t changed much…praise God that He is patient with us!

Exodus 15: Sing a Song to the Lord

This week is a #throwback to when Grace Norberry helped me study Exodus 15. We walked through it verse-by-verse, prayerfully considering the things God was speaking. I’ll preface her comments within the study with “[GN]” after the bullet point so you can note this beautiful young lady’s contributions (she was 10 years old at the time).