This Old World

Growing up, I remember my dad occasionally watching a show called This Old House. I read it's in its 39th season (which is older than I am, in case you were trying to time stamp me). Nowadays, there are a boatload of remodel, re-purpose, transform, flip flop, junk-gone-jewel shows and I find it amazing how America has spawned so many home remake shows. (For the record, I'm cool with the shows. In fact, we're remodeling our basement right now and I welcome any help HGTV would like to provide.)

This past week I was at my company's sales conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. Sales is not my territory -- my currency is people, not revenue generation -- but I attend as an opportunity to listen and connect with folks. I was sitting in one of the sessions as the past year's successes were celebrated and this next year's targets were splashed onto the screen. As I sat there and listened to the questions on new product and service offerings, cheered on those receiving well-deserved awards, and smiled warmly during the inspiring speeches...I couldn't ignore what swizzled around in my soul: broken world

Don't get me wrong, I understand the role business plays, and commerce is necessary for any earthly civilization to exist; but, no matter how awesome the organization or product, it's still tarnished. The God of the universe has created a world that was once perfect and made in His image, and man has bludgeoned and robbed it of its glory -- and I've certainly contributed to its lackluster. 

What's beautiful though, is that none of this was a surprise to God. The cold and empty shell of this world has not made Him gasp because He "never saw that one coming." Praise God there is not a day He hasn't already lived. He came to remodel, re-purpose, transform, flip flop, junk-gone-jewel His precious bride and we can rest in knowing His currency is love, His redemption note was penned in blood, and He's in the business of circulating His grace. 

Psalm 51:7 gives His broken people such hope: "The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart — these, O God, You will not despise." Praise God that this old house -- this temple -- isn't too dirty.