3 Days Until Advent! Choose the Messiah, not Mayhem!

Just a quick reminder that the Messiah, Not Mayhem 2017 study begins on Sunday, December 3. You have three, super simple options to join the journey this Christmas season:

  1. Email (sign-up at www.divinelyinterrupted.com). If you're receiving this post via email, you're already signed up (see, you're ahead for the day...wahoo!). However, it's important you know that from December 3rd-24th, blog notifications will be sent to your inbox each morning. I typically only send studies out weekly, but because of our Christmas study, it will be daily for 22 days. We'll revert back to weekly studies starting in January when we begin Philippians. 
  2. Social Media. You can follow along on Facebook or Instagram with our family as we have our time together each evening. I'll do my best to post in a timely manner, and include as much of the verse study as possible (as well as a photo). I might even "go live" on FB one night, just so you can experience the craziness behind the pictures that look oh-so-angelic. (Did I mention I have four boys? You're in for a real chaotic treat.) 
  3. Download. For those of you who are perfect planners (I love you) and like to read ahead (cheaters), you can download and print the Advent study here.

Finally, I'd ask you to encourage your sphere of influence to sign-up at www.divinelyinterrupted.com and/or Follow along on a social platform. This is an opportunity to introduce others to Christ during a season when His name is mentioned more than usual, so let's guide them toward Truth. There’s nothing more this world needs than to know Christ and to have Him rooted deeply within the soul.

In Him,