Meditations from John 15:3: The Cleansing Word

“You are already clean because of the word which I have spoken to you.” (John 15:3)

When fruit grows on a vine it begins to weigh down the branch and it bows low to the ground. Mud then splatters on the fruit from the rain or dust clings to it after a hot blowing wind. The fruit itself isn’t bad, but it needs to be washed so it can ripen properly. In John 13:10 Jesus said, “He who is bathed needs only to wash his feet, but is completely clean…”

Don’t fail to remember that you are already clean through Christ’s redemptive work for you. Yes, daily feet washing is necessary so we don’t track the mud of the world into our spheres of influences, but we don’t need a complete head-to-toe scrubbing. Be careful in asking God for that instant, transformational work because when we don’t immediately feel it/sense it/experience it, we can set ourselves up for discouragement.

Instead, let’s fix our eyes on the truth that we are already spick and span in God’s eyes. What we do need is for Christ to daily wash our feet, just like He did with the disciples. God can do immediate, transforming works that fire us up and renovate us instantly. But oftentimes, He simply teaches us to sit and be still while He bends down, pours water over our impurities, and wipes them with His soft towel of grace. It’s in those quiet moments that we often experience the deepest levels of intimacy.


Servant God, thank you for being so patient in cleansing me. You desire those moments throughout the day where I come to you – feet dusty with the life of this world – and ask You to wash me with Your Word. Thank you for never tiring and never running out of grace.


God, how often I ask for an immediate work. It can become frustrating when we don’t receive instant gratification or immediate freedom. Yet, we know Your way is best and oftentimes, it takes time. Thank you for Your cleansing work in my life that happens little by little, day by day.


So much of the world is trudging in sticky mud and slop, Lord. I ask that you would give me a servant’s heart, that I may stop my day and bend down to wash the feet of a weary traveler and point them to the spring of life You provide. Amen.