About Divinely Interrupted


What three adjectives describe you?

Graceful. Captivating. Timeless. Those are the three words I choose to believe about you. As you ponder your own heart, what words echo in your soul?  

We're warned in John 10:10 that the thief (Satan) comes to "steal and kill and destroy." One card he likes to play (repeatedly) is speaking lies into our heart. It's not just about what you say out loud, but what deep-seated beliefs are in your heart. If we're not careful, those beliefs become venomous to your life.

How can we guard ourselves against the stealing, killing, and destructive work of Satan? We're given the tools in Ephesians 6 (the armor of God), but we must learn how to effectively apply them and actively use them each day. 

That's where Divinely Interrupted fits in. This blog is designed to encourage, sharpen, and inspire those who have devoted their ordinary, everyday life into the hands of God. We study the Word in-depth each week so you have the "whole counsel of God" (Acts 20:27) and can practice applying what God speaks. This is how our old, sour beliefs are uprooted and replaced by God's Truth.

[You'll also get some quirky insights into my own life. I'm a wife, mama of four wild boys, and an executive leader in the tech and payments industry. You get the whole shebang when you follow me...I'll pray for ya.]

I am crazy excited about this journey of living life with purpose along with you. Will you lock arms with me and come along? We'll fight for each other.